The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones: Wonder Con 2013

The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones is a highly anticipated film coming out August 21, 2013 and is based off of the hit series written by Cassandra Clare. Here is a synopsis of the first book:

Clary Fray is a teenage girl who witnesses a murder while at a club with her best friend Simon. The only problem, no one can see the murderer, Jace Wayland; not even Simon. Jace confronts Clary, confused that she is able to see him. He tries to explain to Clary that the boy she saw him kill was in fact a demon. Bewildered with the events of the evening, she heads home with Simon.

The next day, Clary has a very heated argument with her mother and while out with Simon, she see Jace. Once again, Simon doesn’t see him. Clary goes outside to speak to Jace, hoping to have some of her questions answered. Jace offers to take her to his home where they can discuss the situation further, but before Clary can make a decision, she receives a call from her mother. She is frantic and begs Clary to stay away from their apartment. Of course, Clary disobeys and when she arrives home, she finds the apartment in shambles and her mother missing.

Lily Collins as Clary at Wonder Con

Suddenly, a demon appears and attacks Clary (you find later on it’s called a Ravener). She can hear it speaking on how it wants to eat her. The demon also mentions the name Valentine, but before it can say or do anything more, Clary takes the sensor (you’ll find more about that later as well) she took from Jace and shoves it down the demons throat. She kills the demon but is injured in the fight. She awakens at Jace’s home called the Institute where she meets Isabella and Alec Lightwood, his adoptive siblings, and learns about Shadowhunters.

Jamie Campbell Bower as Jace at Wonder Con

So, what is a Shadowhunter? They are still human, but have angelic qualities that allow then to hide from humans, or mundanes as they call them, and kill demons.

Kevin Zegers as Alec at Wonder Con

Back to the story. Clary meets a man named Hodge who is aided by a Silent Monk to help find out how Clary can see Shadowhunters and demons. The Silent Monk finds there is a block in her memories and they must travel to the City of Bones, where with the assistance of more Silent Monks, try and break it. Unfortunately, they fail. However, Clary has visions of information and finds the name Magnus.

They confront Magnus at a party and ask him to remove the spell that hinders Clary from seeing her past. He refuses. If Clary regained her memories all at once, it could hurt her. However, Magnus does mention that her memories may return slowly since she has been exposed to the demons.

You think the story ends there, but it doesn’t. Simon drinks something and turns into a rat. He is then taken by a vamipre, which leads Jace and Clary trying to rescue him. There is a huge attack and just before you think Clary and Jace are about to lose, werewolves step in and save them. The werewolves want Clary, but they manage to escape before capture.

The rest of the story is filled with more action, a few small twists, and one VERY BIG TWIST. I left out the rest, well, because you need to read the book AND see the movie. Don’t worry. Once the movie comes out, you will be able to come back and read the spoilers (and my opinion of the movie).

In regards to the book, I give it a 3 1/2 out of 5. It has a lot of action and adventure, but a few predictable situations. Don’t let the 3 1/2 sway you though. The books continue to get better and Cassandra Clare’s writing sucks you right into the story. City of Bones is definitely a good start to the series.

I am hoping there will be some more interesting things to see about the movie at Comic Con this year. I will, of course be there and reporting EVERYTHING!!!





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