Keep Calm and Call the Doctor!

Comic Con 2012- Doctor Who Panel

I got into line at 2:30am. Ask me if it was worth it… OF COURSE!!! This panel did not disappoint. It was extremely funny and witty. But seriously, would you expect anything less from them?

The energy in Hall H was electrifying. Everyone was so excited to see the cast and they were just as excited to see us. At one point, Karen Gillian (Amy Pond) shouts, “Power to the Gingers!” Why? There were a lot of red wigs in the audience.

Karen Gillian as Amy Pond

Chris Hardwick did an amazing job as moderator, but honestly, you wouldn’t expect anything less. He asked the right questions and kept the the hour interesting. He did make one faux pas though… He dressed as the 10th Doctor (my personal favorite) and ran into Matt Smith! If you aren’t familiar with the show, Matt Smith is the 11th Doctor. Well, it could’ve been worse… He could have dressed that way for the panel!!!

Matt Smith as the Doctor

The discussion consisted of a very brief and very little detail about the season. The one thing we all knew though was that we were saying goodbye to Amy and Rory, which we were all very sad about. They showed an awesome trailer for the season and then in usual panel form, answered questions form the audience. Unfortunately, one of the Doctor’s stalkers did not abide by the restraining order and showed up to the event…

The Dalek as himself

It did ask a very good questions though. And we still left wondering… Would there me a multiple Doctor episode? SPOILERS!

So if you haven’t see Season 7, here is a brief recap. Once again, NO HUGE SPOILERS. Well, I told you about Amy and Rory, so I guess one cat is out of the bag… Too bad! You shouldn’t be reading this anyway if you haven’t seen it. Really… Where have you been? Under a rock? It’s on Amazon Prime and Netflix! There is no excuse!

Arthur Darvill as Rory Pond (he took her name)

Episode 1- Asylum of the Daleks: The Doctor, Amy, and Rory are kidnapped by none other than the Daleks! The Doctor is forced to go to the Asylum of the Daleks (almost like a prison) where not even the Daleks who kidnapped him will not go. Why do you ask? Well, I say SPOILERS!

Episode 2- Dinosaurs on a Spaceship: Well, not much more to say here… There are dinosaurs on a spaceship and the Doctor has to save the ship they are on from destruction!

Episode 3- A Town Called Mercy: It’s your typical spaghetti western with a little twist. The town is troubled by a cyborg.

Episode 4- The Power of Three: Billions and billions of black cubes appear out of nowhere. People all over the world start collecting them. What are they? What will they do? Is it an alien invasion? The Doctor and the Ponds try to decipher the code and try to stop the potential invasion.

Episode 5- Angels Take Manhattan: The Statues of New York start coming to life. The Doctor and the Ponds try to figure out what is happening and save the world. Make sure you have your hankies… It is time to say goodbye to Amy and Rory… And see if/how the Doctor deals with traveling without them.

Episode 6- The Bells of Saint John: The Doctor goes searching for Clara (Run you clever boy!) in London where something wicked and deadly is occurring. It will definitely make you think twice before using wi-fi…

Episode 7- The Rings of Akhaten: After Clara has agreed to travel with the Doctor, he decides to take her to the Festival of Offerings. When they get there, Clara immediately notices the differences between there and Earth. For one ting, they don’t accept any cash. It’s a trade system, but what you give must be something important to you. Things go terribly wrong and it is up to the Doctor and Clara to fix it!

Episode 8- Cold War: Somehow, the Doctor and Clara wind up on a Russian sub and find an alien awakening from a long slumber… And let’s just say he isn’t happy.

Episode 9- Hide: The Doctor and Clara come across a house that is haunted. They meet up with a pair of paranormal investigators and find the house is unlike any haunting any of them have ever encountered. Even the Doctor… and he has seen some scary things in his travels.

Episode 10- Journey to the Center of the TARDIS: Oh no! The TARDIS has crashed!!! It’s a race against time as the Doctor must search for Clara.

Episode 11- The Crimson Horror: Bodies are washing up on the riverbed and there is something inexplicably wrong. Their bodies are red and waxy! The Doctor and Clara go to investigate, but they go missing! So it is up to the Doctor’s good friends to search for them and save the city!

Episode 12- Nightmare in Silver: The children Clara watches find out about the Doctor and want to go on an adventure. He takes them all to an amusement park on an abandoned planet where things don’t go exactly as planned. Lives are in danger as the Cybermen return!

Episode 13- The Name of the Doctor: No one knows the Doctor’s name (well, one person does) and he will take that secret to his grave… Literally! The problem with this is that this is the one place in space and time he should never visit. What will happen to Clara and the Doctor? Check out the season finale, but don’t expect the answer just yet… Cliffhanger!!!

Well, I hope you enjoyed this brief recap. I look forward to hearing your opinions of this season. (And I will be more than happy to share my opinions and disappointments with season 7)

Stay tuned as I will be at Comic Con to see what’s in store for the Doctor in season 8. Especially since Matt Smith is hanging up his fez and bow tie.




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