San Diego Comic Con 2013: Side Bar Industry Party

After what felt like an eternity of waiting in lines at the exhibit hall, it was finally time for me to let me hair down. Well, it was already down, but you know what I mean. I walked to my car, dropped off all the goodies I picked up, and made my way to the Side Bar.

Look who I bumped into… Supergirl!

Me (Clara Kent) Molly Quinn from Superman Unbound (animated film)

When I first arrived, I was greeted by the bouncer. We had a quick chat and threw a few jokes at each other. But don’t take that as him not being serious about his job. Even while talking to me, he surveyed the area, making sure nothing was off.

When you first walk in, it looks like a very small area. You think to yourself, “How can a lot of people fit comfortably in here?” There are VIP booths that line the windows and directly in front of them is the bar. This leaves very little room to move, especially when it is crowded. But, once the curtains are open at both ends of the bar, you find there is a separate, larger bar in the back. And of course when you are back there, you find even more VIP booths.

Front Bar at Side Bar

The decor is very posh. The brick walls re painted black and there are birdcages hung from the ceiling. Exposed walls have been covered with large silver mirrors and tasteful paintings of naked women. And although the videos shown on the televisions keep with the theme, it is just a bit too modern. I don’t think it’s necessary to show a video of naked women (no faces). I do think you could use those televisions to show more tasteful paintings when they are not in use for something else.

As I walk back towards the entrance, I come to the DJ booth which is a very large birdcage. The tracks he was laying down were pretty good. He played current music, which kept the crowds going. Many times DJs want to show of music that isn’t known, which can be their demise. Play music that’s on the charts and add your flavor to it. If not, people won’t dance and you won’t be hired again (well, at least at those bigger clubs).

During my walk around the bar, I stopped to chat with some of the attendees. Most were very nice and gave me great interviews. Others, were not so giving. However, I believe that had to do with how drunk they were from opening day at the Del Mar races. Those interviews will be left out. Mainly because they were so belidgerent that I couldn’t understand much and the stuff I could hear, you just would get how funny it was. The writing will not do it justice. Too bad the videos didn’t come out better…

So, back to the interviews. The first two I spoke with were very nice and extremely happy. The gentleman (I hate that I can’t remember his name…) was from Los Angeles and I believe his title was an entertainment host. His friend was a very charming young lady from Austrailia. They were in town for that night only and were having a blast. She was very sad, however, because she left her R2D2 bodysuit and C3P0 tights with her. That would have been AWESOME!!!

I gave a few ideas of where else they could party that night, but it was limited due to it being Wednesday and most clubs are closed Monday through Wednesday. I asked what they were doing the next day and found they were going to the zoo. “So, you’re going to the zoo where they just built the Australian exhibit…” my friend said. She burst out laughing and made it very clear that she would NOT be visiting that part of the zoo.

I thanked them made my way back down the bar. Honestly, I would have stayed there with them longer if I didn’t have a job to to… Oh well… I wasn’t there to party…

Although I didn’t interview these three, I had to get a photo of Spiderman, Captain America, and Kato.
And don’t forget General Bison and Ryu from Street Fighter.

And… Superman and Batman… It was a hot night, so they left most of their gear at home…

Finally, I spent the last part of the night with Captain Hammer, Dr. Horrible, and the Pink Pummeler. Since when are they all friends!?!? Two brothers whose personalities resembled Same ad Dean from Supernatural and their friend were there for their first Comic Con. And I am sure they had a blast!


Thanks everyone for making my first press gig a fun one!!!

Stay tuned for more reviews on the panels and other gigs outside of Comic Con. They will not dissapoint!



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