And the Doctor is… SPOILERS!

I wanted to wait just a bit to make sure everyone was able to view the Doctor Who televised announcement.  (That and I went to see Wolverine… More on that later)

If you haven’t watched it yet, there will be a spoiler below.  I don’t care if you keep reading, but I think you should watch it first.  You know what, here is the clip.  Watch it.

You saw it correctly Peter Capaldi!  Famously known for his roles in:

  • In The Loop
  • Bean
  • Selling Hitler

Ok… Maybe you haven’t’ heard of him.  He’s big in the UK. He was also in World War Z.  But he seems like he can fit the part.

I am slightly hesitant only because of the way they were taking the Doctor in the series.  They were keeping him younger and honestly, many found him physically appealing.  But hey, even the Doctor needs a change once in a while.  So let’s see what happens.  Who knows, we might be pleasantly surprised.  I mean, I wasn’t pleased when David Tennant left and it did take a few episodes.  But in the end, Matt Smith grew on me and I think Peter Capaldi will do the same.  Each Doctor is different and brings something new to the table.

Good luck filling those shoes Mr. Capaldi.  I am sure you will make us fans very proud.

We will miss you Matt Smith.  Can’t wait to see what your next adventure is!


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