Sentinels UNVEILED!!!

The Wait is OVER!  We were finally given a chance to see the SENTINELS for



Now, if any of you are as big of fans as I am, we were all wondering (prior to teasers and trailers) if the Sentinels would make a glorious appearance.  And do they!!!    But if I know some of my audience (my mother and grandmother to be exact), I know they aren’t quite sure what I am talking about.  So, if any others following aren’t sure what the Sentinels are, here is a quick review.

Sentinels are MUTANT-HUNTING Robots.  They will capture or KILL MUTANTS.  There powers:

  • Can Detect and Hunt Down Mutants
  • Sometimes 3 Stories Tall (Depending on comic or show)
  • Flight Capability
  • Can Project Energy Blasts
Sentinel from the 90’s TV show

And now…  Here’s the new look

Bryan Singer with a Sentinel

Ok, so I LOVE the new look except for the AIR VENT in the chest…  They probably should’ve stuck with the cyber abs…  Seriously…  Does it NOT look CHEAP???  Did they run out of money to finish that part?

Anyway, I think it will work, vent and all…  I especially like the Reagan Inauguration photo:

Whether some of the “leaked” photos out there are real or not, it still looks like a lot of thought and detail is going into these MUTANT HUNTERS (except for the vent…)

More to come once I hear more.



2 thoughts on “Sentinels UNVEILED!!!

  1. They are way to small, where are the 50′ giants with heads bigger than a human body?….:( Oh wait there goes Marvel screwing up another movie, they keep getting my hopes up then blow it… For example oh lets see just Havok, you know Cyclops younger brother, in a story line with Professor X and Magneto when they were younger…. Or the Mandarin one of Ironmans greats villians, oh we will make him and actor not a combination of science and magic wielding badass…:( Oh lets not get started with the Silver Samurai, I am a true Wolverine fan and I just hated what they did with that character….:( Why do they keep down playing the villians, oh thats right we let Hollywood in on what the characters should be like…. What Hollywood need to do is leave the characters that have been the same way for many many years alone…. How come DC can do it right but Marlve can’t…

    1. I agree that many characters have been downplayed in comparison to the comics. However, some have worked. They need to make something easy for non-comic book readers to easily grasp. I mean, if they had 4 hours to make a movie and knew people would sit for that entire time, they could keep a little more true to the comics.

      Also, and I hate to say, but based on prior movies, when they stay true to the comic, some of those movies weren’t as well received. Sometimes they just go with what will be appealing to a mass audience. Now, I’m not saying I necessarily agree, but I do understand.

      And the sentinels… I do admit I am a little disappointed in the size; however I don’t think they wanted it to all be CG. Or maybe they want it to be a little more realistic.

      As for DC doing it right… I will give you that. But when you compare the franchises, Marvel is blowing them out of the water when it comes to ticket sales and movie fans. DC hasn’t really figured it out yet… YET… On how to appeal to a mass audience. Once I get my Justice League movie, I’ll decide who did it best. 😄 Although, the animated movie have been AWESOME! (Maybe we should just stick to cartoons and animated movies…)

      In the end, we just have to remember its just a movie and that true fanboys and girls will always have the imaginative, beautiful, and sometimes unbelievable stories in our hearts.

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