GODZILLA!!!!! Sneak Peek Footage Shown at SDCC 2013!

Ok, so at first I was really hesitant about this movie. I kept thinking to myself, “Another Godzilla?” I was so disappointed with the Matthew Broderick version and didn’t want to be let down once more. But instead of completely ignoring the panel, I decided to give it a chance.

The first good thing about the panel? Charis Hardwick as moderator. (I mean seriously, would he moderate a crap panel???)

Second, Gareth Edwards who directed MONSTERS is also directing this and since that was a pretty good movie, we might enjoy it? Please??? Be good!!!!

Third, you have Brian Cranston… Nuff said!

And if you liked KICK ASS, you can see Aaron Taylor Johnson, who I might add bulked up BIG TIM for KICK ASS 2.

Finally, you have Elizabeth Olson. She has been in a bunch of movies, but I only know her as the younger sister of the Olson twins. (Although I feel bad for only knowing her for that… I’m sure she is a good actress…)

So it started off really well. This was the 2nd panel of the day and between the two, Chris said, “A change in cards… This is the fun part when the momentum dies…” Someone gives him an idea and he says, “Oh, yeah, let’s do that. ” That’s when we see:


Hardwick goes through the normal question and answer portion, which was quite entertaining. One part in particular was when Gareth Edwards talked about going through customs in Canada:

They came up with a code word to give customs so that when they asked what they were working on, they didn’t need to give the real name of the movie. That word was Nautilus.

When asked, he made up a little story, trying not to overdo it. The agent walked away and apparently looked up Gareth. He probably used IMDB. Well, that’s what I would use. Anyway, back to the story…

The agent came back and and asked, ” Are you directing GODZILLA? Don’t fuck it up.”

Another agent overheard and asked Gareth, “Are you directing GODZILLA? Don’t fuck it up.”

It took him 20 minutes to get through customs because they all had to give him advice on what had to be in the movie… and to NOT fuck it up.

Brian Cranston was, of course, entertaining as usual.

Based on the panel and the AWESOME footage they showed, I’m really looking forward to seeing it. But I am trying really hard to not get my hopes up…


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