Jaeger Will Have a Whole New Meaning After You Read This…

So, I FINALLY saw PACIFIC RIM and I gotta say, it was worth the wait!

Once again, the genius, Guillermo Del Toro has created  an extremely entertaining and stunning film!  I am sure most of you have already seen this, but for those of you who are catching up (like I am), here is the breakdown.

Earth has been attacked by monsters known as KAIJUS who have emerged from an inter-dimensional portal located in the Pacific Ocean.  After a grueling fight with the KAIJUS, the human race finally develop a weapon that can stop them.  They are the JAEGERS.  Now, I know what you are all thinking and no, they were NOT named after the horrid alcoholic beverage…  It means HUNTER in German, which is befitting since they are doing just that.

Now, the amazing thing about a JAEGER is that they cannot be controlled by just one human.  In order to fully use this massive piece of technology, you must have two pilots who are connected by a neural bridge.  The stronger the bridge, the better/stronger the JAEGER.  We start the movie with a quick synopsis of what has happened and then we meet two pilots of the GYPSY DANGER JAEGER.  Brothers Yancy and Raleigh Beckett.


Yance and Raleigh gear up to fight a category 4 KAIJU and things go terribly wrong.  Yance is yanked out of GYPSY DANGER and killed by the KAIJU.  Somehow, Raleigh, who is missing his co-pilot and the left arm of the JAEGER is able to maneuver it to the shore and if found by an older man and his grandson.

5 years pass and we find Raleigh working on building a wall that is supposed to protect people from the KAIJUS, but come to find that they can break through it with ease.  Raleigh is somehow found by Marshall Pentecost, who asks him to return to co-pilot a JAEGER.  Raleigh is hesitant for obvious reasons, but after a pep talk, he goes.

Immediately after he lands he meets Mako Mori.  We quickly learn that she is extremely experienced in the simulations, but Marshall has stated she is too inexperienced to fight in an actual JAEGER.  Training starts immediately and we find that after a fight test, Mako is truly the most compatible with Raleigh.  Marshall finally decides to allow Mako to be Raleigh’s co-pilot and at first, the JAEGER test runs go well.  However, Mako is enveloped in a childhood memory and almost blows up the facility.  Marshall immediately grounds them as a KAIJU attack occurs.

Three JAEGERS are sent out to stop category 4 KAIJUS and it goes terribly wrong.  Two are lost and one is out of commission.  Marshall has no choice but to send out Raleigh and Mako.  By the way, if you haven’t figured it out yet, Mako was raised by Marshall and is like a daughter to him.  Raleigh and Mako are able to stop the KAIJUS.

Meanwhile, Newton, a scientist who is obsessed with the KAIJUS finds a way to mentally connect with them just as the pilots of the JAEGERS do and finds crucial information about them.  However, he needs a a KAIJU brain that is not damaged.  Marshall sends him to Hannibal Chau (Ron Perlman…  HELLBOY!!!) who finds he has connected with one of the KAIJUS and goes into hiding.  You see, What Newton didn’t think of is that mentally connecting with the KAIJU is the same as the JAEGER pilots connecting…  They see each others’ thoughts, memories, etc.  And what does that mean???  The KAIJUS now know information about Newton and try to find him.  (Now we are up to the KAIJU fight I mentioned above…)

So, it is time for the last stand.  They have to close the portal.  One of the pilots was injured in the surviving JAEGER, so Marshall takes his place.  Mako tells him he won’t survive, but Marshall knows he has to do this.  They gear up and head out to the rim.  Just before they are ready to complete their mission, Newton tells them (after mind melding with a fresh KAIJU brain with another scientist) that their plan will not work and that they have to get inside the portal in order for the plan to work.

Sacrifices are made… But in the end, mankind is saved.  The portal is closed and people can now go on and live normal, mundane lives.  Because honestly, how do you go from KAIJUS and JAEGERS so NORMAL???

I leave the final sacrifices and who lives and dies out because I WANT you to see the movie.  I feel like enough has been given away.  There is such a thing as too many SPOILERS you know…  If I told you everything, you’d most likely not see the movie and trust me, this blog is NOT doing the movie JUSTICE!!!

Get up off your lazy bums and watch the movie!  Definitely a theater movie because of the special effects.

Thank you Mr. Del Toro.  I had a most entertaining evening!

2013 Wonder Con085
Guillermo Del Toro at Wondercon!

Pacific Rim Trailer:


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