New Batman revealed: Are you for real?


OK, so for those of you who follow my Facebook page you obviously saw how excited I was to hear that Zack Snyder was doing the Batman versus Superman film. This was announced during this years San Diego Comic Con and let me just tell you I had an amazing geek out moment when it was announced.

Due to this excitement, I have been waiting on bated breath to see who will be playing Batman since they have announced Christian Bale will not be returning as our hero.

Many have speculated after The Dark Knight rises that it would be Joseph Gordon-Levitt who would take over the role. I’m sorry but as much as I love him, he’s not really Batman material. However I could definitely see him playing Night Wing. I’m not saying he can’t do it by any means. He just doesn’t look like Batman. Even Orlando Bloom was thrown in the mix. Honestly???

So I get up early this morning, make a cup of coffee, and check my emails to see if there’s anything interesting in the world. And that’s when I see it. I rub my eyes trying to get the sleep out of them and to make sure I have really read what I just read. I mean I haven’t even been up for 20 minutes and the coffee has not set in and this bomb is dropped on me!


Ben Affleck is our new BATMAN!!!

(Yes, I know it was announced yesterday, but I haven’t gone through all my emails…)

Now I can assume that none of you are able to truly tell how I feel about this information. So let me just give you one word: WTF!!! Okay so maybe it’s not one word but it still get point across!

Don’t get me wrong I like Ben Affleck. I think he is a very talented actor. But Batman???


People are saying he ruined Daredevil, but in reality his acting was fine. It was the script that sucked royally. Although, I do have to admit that I have seen it more than once. It wasn’t awful; it just didn’t do the comic justice by any means. And once again I have to reiterate of how the studios have to appeal to the masses. We have to remember that not everybody enjoys picking up a comic and flipping through the pages to see what’s going to happen next. They want action and an easy plot to follow. You can’t make most moviegoers use their brain too much. Just entertain them.

Look, maybe I am having such a hard time of it because Christian Bale was so awesome.

I will clear my head and think of only the good he has done on the screen. Who knows… Maybe we will be amazed. Or maybe this is all just a cruel joke being played on us.

Why do you think?



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