Mortal Instruments: City of Bones Review


First, I would like to apologize in advance if any of this blog is wonky. I am doing it from my phone… I know, not an excuse, but it isn’t as easy to make it pretty. 😄

So I saw the movie on Sunday… Not entirely what I expected. I had read the book about two years ago and honestly, I thought it was ok. (The main reason being is because the stupid woman at the airport gave me the second one to read instead of the first!)

I liked the movie in the way that a kid is entertained by an old toy. The nostalgia is there, but it just isn’t as exciting as it was when you first got it. That’s how I felt about this movie. I had my how I felt about the book, but the movie just didn’t live up to my expectations. It was too rushed and to didn’t really get the true connection between Jace and Clary. It just seemed more like puppy love…

The CG work was pretty damn good though. And aside from the constant flinging of his braids, Jonathan Rhys Meyers played Valentine just as I had hoped. But seriously, the braids were too distracting.

I was 50/50 on the music. They had a fight scene that was reminiscent of Resident Evil. Anytime a fight broke out in those movies, they’d play some crazy techno type of song and all hell broke loose. That kinda happened here; just not as much gore. The bad part was when there was a touching moment between Jace and Clary. They played this God awful cheesy song and it ruined the scene. Scenes like that should have a beautiful melody playing in the background, not some cheese ball tween song…

Even though it wasn’t my favorite movie, I look at it as a filler. It’s the movie they make just to get you to know the characters and some of the plot. The second movie is where the real action begins. If you’ve read the books, you know that’s where it gets interesting.

IMDB shows Sigourney Weaver as the Inquisitor and if that’s true, they really so need to make the next movie!

Even if it doesn’t make all its budget back, and though I wasn’t blown away by the movie, I hope they will finish the trilogy. I mean, come one… They finished Twilight. Don’t get me wrong, I am a fan, but after what Catherine Hardwick did to the the first one… I was highly doubting they’d finish the series.

In conclusion, I recommend seeing City of Bones just for entertainment. If you are a true fan of the books, you will be disappointed. But see it anyway with low expectations. That’s what I always do and then I don’t feel like I lost 2 hours of my life…




One thought on “Mortal Instruments: City of Bones Review

  1. Braids = distraction, you betcha!

    Good write-up. I agree with you about the nostalgia. It was great seeing life breathed into a world that only existed before on paper. I really did like what they did with certain aspects. It sort of made me want to get some crazy cool rune ink! Then again, those braids just have to go!

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