DMC: Devil May Cry… Oh, How You Have Changed, Dante… Part One

When I first heard that Ninja Theory would be releasing a new Devil May Cry, I literally did a little dance then quickly ran to my computer to get the scoop. Then, I saw the concept art for Dante.  The Devil May Cry games are probably my favorite to date.  Don’t get me wrong, I have a lot of games I LOVE to play, but the graphics and story-lines have always been awesome that it was hard to put the controller down.  And seriously, he has some amazing  toys…

Ebony and Ivory

Anyway, I go to my computer to do some research and find that Dante has changed.  Originally designed by Hideki Kamiya for CAPCOM, Dante had a very specific look.  White hair…  Red Jacket…  Asshole attitude…  These were specific characteristics that you expected to be in the reboot.  However, Ninja Theory decided to go a whole different route.  BEHOLD!!!  The FIRST piece of concept art leaked to DMC fans of Dante:

Dante- Concept Art for DMC Reboot

“WHHHAAAAAAT THE FUCK!” I exclaimed as I stared into those beady eyes.  “Now he’s EMO!?!?!?”

I was flabbergasted.  I walked away from my computer completely disappointed.  Don’t get me wrong; I like the EMO look…  IF DONE RIGHT!  Here he looks like some possessed crack head who hasn’t bathed in weeks!

I paused for a moment and decided that I couldn’t make judgement on something that hadn’t been completed yet.  Maybe they would change something.  Maybe enough fans would make a stink about it and they would go back to this:

Dante DMC 4

Or, they would be like Michael Bay and say, fuck you to the fans and do whatever the hell they wanted…

None-the-less, I kept an open mind.

Due to a busy schedule, it has taken me this long to finally play and share my thoughts about the game.  I was home sick one day and really wanted something new to play.  The great thing about having a PS3 and internet?  Being able to download games at the touch of a button (yes, I know this can be done on any system…)  I logged into my account and the first game that popped up was DMC.  It was a good time as ever to give it a try.

It took FOREVER to download!  But finally, with my controller in hand, I was ready to dive into the new world of DMC (and praying to NOT be disappointed…).

In the opening you meet the primary antagonist of the story, Mundus- The Demon King, and his demonic mistress Lilith.  He has taken over most control of the city, but there is one thorn in his side… Dante.  The scene then cuts to the opening credits, which is pretty much Dante at his finest…  Did I mention that this game is really not intended for a young audience?  There is a lot of booty and cleavage shots in the opening credits, not to mention that you see Dante pretty much naked 1 minute into the game.  Just putting that out there.

Dante wakes up in bed… naked.  And honestly, he looks far better than the concept art above.  Not nearly as disappointed.  There is a knock on the door.  A young woman (you later find her name is Kat) stands there, trying to warn a naked Dante that there is a demon coming for him and he needs to run before he is swept back into limbo.  Too late…

New Dante

The Hunter, sent by Mundus to kill Dante attacks the trailer Dante lives in and here is where the hilarious magic happens.  Dante is flying in slow motion through the the trailer, grabbing his clothes.  As he is slowly spinning through the trailer, items are strategically placed to ensure his little friend does not make an appearance.  (However, I played this for a friend and as I watched it again, there is one spot they didn’t cover well…  you kinda get a ball shot…)

This first fight is to get you back into the swing of things.  You obviously start off with Rebellion and then are quickly reunited with Ebony and Ivory (see weapon photos above).  You learn the basics and some combos.  It also provides you with information on red, green, and gold orbs.  And don’t forget about the lost souls.  Find those and you get more red orbs.  Depending on what settings you choose, you can hear their creepy breathing when you are close to them…  And boy, do I mean creepy…

Defeat The Hunter and move on to the next part of the story.  Dante is introduced to Vergil, a man who is trying to stop Mundus from taking over.  With Vergil and Kat’s help, Dante’s eyes are open to his past (which he cannot remember).  He soon realizes that Vergil is his brother and that Mundus murdered their angel mother and capturing their demon father and condemning him to eternal pain and punishment for bringing Nephilim into the wold.

So what are Nephilim?  A supernatural being made of angels and demons.  That is what Dante and Vergil are.  They are the only ones who can defeat Mundus as they possess both angelic and demonic powers.  And in this mission, you are granted with those powers by receiving Arbiter (Demonic axe) and Osiris (Angelic scythe).  Along with these weapons you learn new moves, so pay attention!

So far, the controls and play are pretty much the same.  The obvious difference is Dante.  however, the change is pretty good.  The storyline is excellent and Dante still is his same cocky self.  Ninja Theory really made it work.

The graphics are excellent and the bosses, although pretty difficult, keep you on your toes as you try to remember all of the combos.  Many of the gamer sites have given this (an average of the many I looked at) a 9 out of 10 and I definitely agree with them.  If you want more details or even some walk-throughs (and cheats), IGN is really good.  They have always given me great advise on games.  These guys know what they are talking about!

An added bonus.  If you are still butt hurt about the change in Dante’s appearance, there is downloadable content that allows you to be the old Dante..  No shirt… White hair…  However, I recommend giving the new Dante a chance.  Trust me…  I am a hardcore DMC fan and it really does work with this reboot.

RECOMMENDATION!!!  DO NOT play Virgil’s Downfall until you have beaten DMC!!!  It’s kind of a spoiler…

I am now on Mission 11 (only 9 more to go…) so once I get through those, I will give an update on the game.

And if you like to watch other playing the game, I recommend Dashie.  I found him accidentally while finding clips of the game.  He is hilarious!  Here is his Youtube video.  Oh yeah… viewer discretion is advised and so on and so forth…



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