Jurrasic Park IV- They’re Baaaaaack!

Hold onto your butts ladies and gentlemen!

It was recently announced that Jurassic Park IV would be made and it got a fancy new title…  JURASSIC WORLD!!!  Steven Spielberg will produce, but will not return to the director’s chair.  The director is Colin Trevorrow, who directed Safety Not Guaranteed.  Brief synopsis on that movie: 3 magazine employees are looking for a story.  One of them pitches to write something about a man who posts a want-ad in the paper.  What was the man looking for?

“Someone to go back in time with me.  This is not a joke.  You’ll get paid after we get back.  Must bring your own weapons.  SAFETY NOT GUARANTEED.  I have only done this once.”

So, back to the news.  It appears that while on location or vacationing, Trevorrow made some changes to the script, which will make for an EPIC return.  So what’s it about???  Not much has been released, but honestly…  Does it matter???  So much has changed with CG over the years that even if the script sucked, the dinosaurs alone would make it worth the watch.  I mean, do you think it could be any worse than the last one?  Okay, it’s been a while since I’ve seen it, but from my recollection, I lost an hour and a half of my life that day…

Once more has been leaked or released about the movie, I will fill you guys in.  But for now, how do you feel about it?  What dinosaurs do you think will be primarily focused on?

Stay tuned!



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