GRIMM Cast at SDCC 2013

So, this is a long overdue post from SDCC 2013.  I was trying to get caught up on the show prior to posting this, but alas, too many shows to watch and not enough time in the day/night.  If I could sit on the couch for an entire weekend, I could likely get through all of them, but I need to have a life… Right?

Here are some details about the show and why you should watch it (Or why I should watch it).

  • Takes place in Portland, Oregon :  I just recently went to Oregon and LOVED it!!!  I’ll post those photos later.
  • Nick is a homicide detective:  I really enjoy murder/mystery shows
  • He comes from a long line of supernatural hunters:  You had me at supernatural!
  • He has a friend who is a Blutbad (wolf-like creature): Man’s best friend.

The show has gotten some great reviews (and some not-so-great), but there are a lot of pros so far to keep me watching.  Once I get through the first season, I’ll let you know what I think.

Now, for the good stuff.  PHOTOS!!!  If you want copies of these photos without the copyright, please contact me.

David Giuntoli- Nick Burkhardt
David Giuntoli- Nick Burkhardt
Bitsie Tulloch:  Juliette Silverton
Bitsie Tulloch: Juliette Silverton

5.0 Celebs05

 Sasha Roiz: Captain Sean Renard
Sasha Roiz: Captain Sean Renard
Silas Weir Mitchell: Monroe
Silas Weir Mitchell: Monroe
Reggie Lee: Sgt. Wu
Reggie Lee: Sgt. Wu
Russell Hornsby: Hank Griffin
Russell Hornsby: Hank Griffin
 Bree Turner:  Rosalee Calvert
Bree Turner: Rosalee Calvert
 Claire Coffee: Adalind Schade
Claire Coffee: Adalind Schade

Hope you all enjoy!

Cheers!The Fatal Siren


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