Baker Street Babes Host SherlockDCC 2013!

I thought I would take this moment to give a shout out to the Fabulous Baker Street Babes!  I should apologize in advance though.  I meant to write about the babes right after Comic Con, but completely forgot…  Shame on me!  There is no excuse…  So, now I am going to give them the props they so deserve and share some things I witnessed at their 2013 SherlockDCC Party!!!

After a busy day trying to scramble through the masses and watching panels discuss upcoming projects, I went to my second press event, which was held by the ever fabulous Baker Street Babes.  Kristina was kind enough to give me the opportunity to see what it means to be a Baker Street Babe and how dedicated/passionate they and the fans of Sherlock are.

I arrived a little early so that I could get a feel for the layout and get some photos of everything before the event.  The Babes held the event at Brick and Mortar and before the fans arrived, it seemed to be a large enough site to hold it.  There was a bar, of course, and lovely snacks for all to enjoy.  The Babes also had goodies for the fans and some fa-made items which were AMAZING!  To see more of what the fans received, visit the Baker Street Babes Podcast site HERE.

When a large group of fans arrived, I chatted with some of them to get their opinions on how Sherlock survived.  If you haven’t watched Season 2 or 3, please be advised there may be SPOILERS below!

Some of the fans were quite shy and just said they didn’t know what happened.  Others gave the “It was a dummy” answer.  And one woman in particular (who had a few cocktails by this time), gave the most detailed answer.

“I believe that Sherlock killed Moriarty and that was his intent all along.  He then had a pre-made mask made of his [Sherlock’s] face and placed it on the now dead Moriarty’s face.  He had one of his bum associates bump into Watson to stall him as the body fell down however many stories it did…  Finally, He had some other associates dressed up like medical staff and took care of the rest.”

Not a bad idea…  But, if you want to know if she was right, or if she was even close, watch the show.  I am not giving that away.

I spent the rest of the evening chatting with people about what we love about this show and if they were more of a fan of Sherlock or Watson.  Surprisingly, it was pretty even.  I don’t mean that Martin Freeman, AKA Watson, does not deserve the love, but normally, people tend to cling to the “lead” actor in a show.  I love both of these characters equally and don’t think the show would be nearly as good without one another.  And I mean that it’s because of the actors.  Cumberbatch and Freeman work so well together.  The chemistry is brilliant!  And this is where I gasp if you say you have never seen the show.  Then, I scream, “WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU!  IT’S FREE ON AMAZON PRIME!!!  WATCH IT NOW!!!

Now, I feel better…

Before the night ended, we had a surprise visit from none other than Steven Moffatt and Mark Gatiss!  You may know Moffat from a small show called Doctor Who?  Maybe?  Mark Gatiss plays Mycroft Holmes (Sherlock’s brother if you didn’t know).

How awesome is that!  What a great night!

I want to thank Kristina again for allowing me to be part of such an amazing evening.  The Baker Street Babes were so kind and I hope to be able to go to one of their events again!  And I promise fans, I will be sure to get the blog completed immediately AFTER the event is over.  I promise I am working on my time management…

Below, are some photos from the event and links to the videos and photos from the Baker Street Babes.  Thank you again for everything Baker Street Babes!  We, the fans truly appreciate it!


The Fatal Siren

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Kristina and Mark Gratiss

Steven Moffat!!!


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