Batman vs Superman: Wonder Woman Revealed

Warner Bros. revealed yesterday who will be playing Wonder Woman in Zack Snyder’s Batman vs Superman. Her name is Gal Gadot and if you have watched the last three Fast and Furious movies, you know who she is. (it might be two of the movies that she’s been in. I didn’t really count.)



Now, as you can see, she is a very beautiful woman. She has a very sweet disposition about her. But here are the slight issues that I have with her playing this character.

First off, she is way too skinny. Now yes, she can bulk up; but will it be enough? Second, she looks too sweet. If her acting is good enough, that won’t be an issue. I have only seen her in the fast and furious movies, so I can’t really tell you how good of an actor she is. (look, I wasn’t watching those movies for Oscar winning acting. I was watching it for the car chases.). And finally, and this is really not a deal killer, she has no boobs. Wonder Woman is a full-figured woman.



In my opinion, Gina Carano would have been a better choice. (If you don’t know who she is, she’s and MMA fighter and actress.)



Now, this likely did not happen because she just recently broke up with Henry Cavill. That’s Superman just in case you didn’t know.

I’m not saying that she’s a better actress, but I feel like she just fits the part a little better.

I will keep my faith in Zack Snyder. He is usually good at choosing actors, so I’m sure it’ll all work out. All we can do is wait and see.

I will still go and see it and I’m sure I’ll be entertained. Fingers crossed.

***Wonder Woman artwork done by JeffAch and can be found on

PS- Sorry about the photos. I was doing this on my phone…


One thought on “Batman vs Superman: Wonder Woman Revealed

  1. This seems like that thing where movies are behind the curve. Like waiting forever to make comic book movies, then screwing them up even tho every little detail of the stories and characters is right there in the books, to hopefully finally realizing that we can’t cast skinny women to play Amazons.

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