Mass Effect- I NEED MORE!!!

I needed a new game to play after beating Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.  After days upon days of pondering, I finally remembered a game that was recommended some time ago- Mass Effect.  What the heck was I waiting for???

Aside from a few things that annoyed me like driving in the MAKO and a few combat scenes, this game was so much fun to play.  And because of that, I beat t rather quickly.  Now, I have to say that I started out playing on “easy” or casual mode.  The reason was because I normally don’t like shooting games.  However, once I got use to the game-play, I found I had to change the difficulty.

So, what was I to do after I beat ME1?  Well, it was a good thing I bout the trilogy package that Sony was offering on the PlayStation Store.  $30 for all 3 games, plus some expansion packs were included!  So I immediately started ME2.  Half way through, I came to a grinding halt on one task.  So, since I knew what happened (yeah, thanks for the spoilers…) I moved onto ME3.  If you don’t know me, one thing I will say is that I get frustrated and lose patience easily, so if I can’t get through something, I move to something else.  Then, I go back.  Had I not known what happened in the story, I would have gone to a different game.

There were a few things that differed from ME1 to the others.  One thing- MAPS.  I think the maps for ME1 was a little easier to follow.  If you get turned around in ME2 or ME3, you have to backtrack a bit.  For the first few tasks, I kept clicking on the map to make sure I was going the right way.  Another difference, you couldn’t  use the map during some tasks in ME3.  However, if you weren’t sure on where to go, all you do is press the R3 button and BOOM! It tells you where to go.  Just follow the arrows.  I think after playing these games, the ME1 map actually made the tasks too easy to get through.  So in the end, I actually preferred ME3 maps.

Another difference between the games is the controller setup.  So, once you beat ME1, should you choose to play it, be prepared to have to switch it up slightly when it comes to fighting.  It isn’t too difficult to transition, but it is something to to be prepared for.

Finally, it is a little easier to upgrade weapons, armor, and leveling up in general in ME1.  With ME1, you can use 1 point to level up certain things like fitness, Spectre, and how precise you will be with your guns.  In ME3 for example, the further you get for one upgrade, the more experience points you have to use to get to the next upgrade point.    Not a very bug deal, but again, something to be prepared for.  Make sure you don’t just go through the game.  Do as many tasks as you can to gain more experience points!

All in all, these games are so much fun!  I would give them a 9 out of 10.  The games give you everything you want in a RPG-type of game.  You get a good storyline, you get good fighting, you even can have a little romance should you choose it.  And if you are having trouble getting past a certain point, has a lot of great tips.  But don’t use it as a crutch.  You need to play this on your own and make your own choices.  What you choose makes a difference.  (Not so much in ME1, but the other 2, YES.)

Now, there has been chatter about a ME4.  Well, yes, this is true, but it won’t follow Sheppard AT ALL.  He/she might be mentioned, but it is not an addition to this trilogy.  I think that is actually a good idea since, well, I don’t want to give any spoilers, but it is a good thing.  We need new blood.  Bring back some old characters, but let’s start fresh.  It needs ME1 exploration.  When you get to the Normandy and use the map, you will understand.  As for combat, I think ME3 was my favorite.  Overall storyline and conversation, ME2, hands down.

BioWare tweeted about ME4 possibilities and although they have confirmed they are working on something, they said that calling in ME4 would be a “Disservice.” In addition to this, they won’t be releasing anything anytime soon in regards to showing anything regarding the game publicly.  One thing is for certain, Sheppard his “retired.”  Take that however you wish.

BioWare…  It is 2014…  Release date???  Seriously…  If you are using core systems from Dragon age and you aren’t starting from scratch, what’s the hold up???  I WANT MY NEW GAME!!!

All kidding aside, I will wait patiently because I want ME4, or whatever they will call it, to be amazing.

If you have any opinions about the game, please feel free to share.  I might come back to this later and start from the beginning to give some of my tips on how to get through some missions.


The Fatal Siren


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