Batman vs. Superman- More Cast Updates!

Ok, so I know I said in the past that I am going to keep an open mind, but HOLY CRAP GUYS! Have you read this comic?  Have you seen the animated movie?  How can you say that the casting choices are accurate???  Let’s recap on who is in the movie.

1.  Henry Cavil/Superman: Obviously, I am ok with this one.  He did a great job in Man of Steel, so I really have no objections.  And come on, he is REALLY pretty on the eyes.  He can be my Superman any day of the week!

2.  Amy Adams/Lois Lane: She too did a great job in the role, so I give it a pass.

3.  Ben Affleck/Batman:  Here is where it gets tricky.  I love Affleck.  I think he is a good actor.  However, he has played a superhero before.  Think back to Daredevil.  If you want more on y opinion of that, check out my past blog. Another issue is that this story is supposed to be connected to The Dark Knight Returns and if you have read/seen the animated movie, you would know that Bruce is 55 years old and comes out of retirement.  Last I checked, Affleck is NOT that old…  But putting all of that aside, I think that Affleck learned from Daredevil and this could work.

3.  Gal Gadot/Wonder Woman: Ok, so here is how I know that they are changing the story.  I won’t give much away in regards of original storyline since i think everyone should read it.  Having said that, Gadot is TOO SKINNY to be Wonder Woman…  I also mentioned who I thought would be a good fit for that character in the other blog about this casting.  There was a recent post regarding how Gadot is weight training and she showed her bicep, but I still am not convinced.  We shall see…

4.  Jeremy Irons/Alfred: Now, as much as I love Jeremy Irons, this makes me very sad… I can’t see anyone BUT Michael Caine playing Alfred.  He did such an amazing job and I assume they didn’t want to cast him because they are trying to keep everything separated from Nolan’s films.  Well, I don’t care…  I want Michael Caine!

5.  Jesse Eisenberg/Lex Luthor: Holy Shit, seriously? I loved him in Zombieland, but this guy is not really my favorite…  He’s a one-trick pony.  He can only act one way.  Look at Lex in the comics and the animated movies…  He DOES NOT FIT!  I think he can bring the sarcasm to this role, but he lacks the wit/charm that Lex possesses and why we love/hate him so.

Why don’t you just call this what it is, an attempt to get some of the Justice League characters together and make Lex the enemy?  Don’t say it is going to be the epic battle between Batman and Superman and then add all these other Justice League characters.

I have now stepped off of my soapbox.  Now that I have vented a bit, I will calm myself and try to keep an open mind.  Maybe this is happening because the studio is deciding to chime in and some things HAVE to be done this way.  I will say a little prayer that I won’t be disappointed and that the studio will keep their hands off of this project.  If I had my ruby-red slippers, I click those heels and wish for a miracle.

Stay tuned for more updates!


The Fatal Siren


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