Mass Effect- You Broke My Heart Asswipe!

So, as many of you know, I was having a BLAST playing the Mass Effect games.  Well, I beat ME3 a little bit ago, but needed to give myself some time to calm down in hopes that my mind may have changed about the outcome….  Did it, do you ask?  NOPE!

First, let me just say that the game-play and the storyline was well done and entertaining.  I spent hours upon hours going through the game, wondering what was going to happen next.  If you import your game from ME2, you get to visit with “old” friends as well.

So I play… and I play… enjoying myself.  And then it happens.  I get to the end and BOOM!  A major slap in the face!  Did the game just really end that way???  IS THAT ALL I GET FOR THE HOURS I SPENT PLAYING???  I can’t begin to tell you how disappointed I was in the ending of this game…  So, I pouted for a bit.  Then, I got the great idea to check out some reviews.  I found that you could get a “perfect” ending and additional game-play.  So I downloaded some of the DLC and played ME3 all over again.  I know I didn’t HAVE to start from the beginning, but I figured, what the heck…

OMG!!!  Thank the Goddess I had the sense NOT to throw my controller into my television!  I was SO PISSED off!!!  EA…  What the hell were you thinking???  Let’s add a little more content to end it, but not completely end the story?  A breath of life?  A change in the map color?  WTF???  You knew the new Mass Effect game would not have anything to do with Sheppard, so why not just kill the character off or show us the happy ending???  Make a fracking decision!!!  I wasted so much money on DLC that didn’t do much to give me what I was expecting.  I guess it’s my fault for not reading more of the reviews.

Well, no amount of time is going to make me less heated about this.  I can feel the blood boiling as I type.  I know there was nothing EA could have done in the beginning because they were rushed to complete the game.  however, you were given an opportunity to fix the ending and you did NOT do that.  I really hope that loose ends will be tied up in the new Mass Effect Game.

Here’s to hoping that the new game doesn’t bring the Hulk out of me!

Now that I have gotten that off of my chest, I do have to say that the game and DLC content was a lot of fun.  My main disappointment was the ending.  That’s it.  So, knowing what happens (with giving major spoilers), you will NOT be as disappointed and if you can handle not having the BEST ending to a game, I highly recommend playing this game.  Just remember that you have been warned.  The ending is CRAP!


The Fatal Siren


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