Game of Thrones Has Returned!!!

It’s BACK!!!  The first episode of season four aired last Sunday and it looks like it has just been renewed for two more seasons!  How exciting!!!  Because I know that many have not watched the season premiere, I will give a brief synopsis.  I have also included a few photos of the cast from Comic Con, so I hope you all enjoy.

***Skip of you don’t want Season 3 SPOILERS!***


Although, you really should have seen it by now…


Where did we leave off?  Oh yes, Red Wedding???  After this episode, it was a guarantee that the season finale was going to be extremely anti-climactic.  I mean, Robb, his mother, and nearly anyone associated with the Starks were brutally murdered!  This was the only episode in ANY show that had me scream “WHAT THE FUCK!” at my television!!!

So, back to the season finale.  Although it didn’t make you want to throw something at the TV, it did wrap up a few things and leave wondering about others.  For example, how are Tyrion, Sansa, and Shae handling their new arrangement? I mean, Sansa and Tyrion are married and Tyrion loves Shae…  How will they make this work???  Jamie returns home.  Will his sister welcome him with open arms?  Especially now that he is missing one of his (hands that is).  How much more disturbing can Joffrey get?  Who is tormenting Theon and will he survive?  And what about John Snow?  Will Ygrette hunt him down and make good on her promises?  Or will his adorable face and curly black hair blowing in the wind make her forget she even threatened him?  (I say forget it and live happily ever after… but that’s not how this show or story would ever go…)  Oh yeah…  And what of the Stark kids?  Then there’s the White Walkers!!!  OMG!!!

Sorry…  I couldn’t help myself…

Anyway, I didn’t want to give too much away, but those are some things to think of for the finale and what will be wrapped up in episode 1 Two Swords.  Anyway, enjoy the Comic Con photos and I will do a re-cap of  episode one next week.  I figured I should wait until the next episode has been seen.

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I can’t wait for this Sunday!!!




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