This Week on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D

This just aired last night, so be prepared for… SPOILERS!!!

So, where did we leave off at? Ah, yes… Agent Mae is the mole, leaking information to the Clairvoyant. Or, is she??? Nope, turns out she is keeping tabs on Coulson, making sure he doesn’t go postal after T.A.H.I.T.I.. And who is she reporting to? Well, none other than Director Fury.

But why did she shoot at Fitz? They try to get to the bottom of that, but Mae evades the question by asking why he was tampering with the line… Long story…


As this is happening, the plane’s auto-pilot course has been changed, sending them back to the HUB. Why, you ask? Because Agent Victoria (Vic) thinks Coulson is a bad, bad, man! (I’ll get into that in a minute.

Agent Garrett is being attacked by S.H.I.E.L.D drones. He lands on the “bus” and Coulson fills him in on what’s happening.


Now what’s happening you might ask? Well, Coulson has Mae contact Fury. And what happened there? Oh, yeah… He’s dead! Well, they say he is…

Sky is trying to reroute the plane but they hear static. There’s a transmission but they have to decipher it. Now, can you guess what the decipher means???


So, I’m going to sum up A LOT into an itty bitty paragraph.

Simmons is on the HUB. Coulson and the rest of the team think Vic is the Clairvoyant and part of Hydra. Vic thinks Coulson in Hydra. Turns out that Garrett is part of Hydra!!! Ouch!

Agent Ward assists Skye while on the HUB and he FINALLY reveals he has feelings for her. And the KISS!! This is all before he knows his old boss is a bad guy btw.

After that is revealed to him, he says he wants to ride back with Vic and Garrett so he can see him punished. Coulson and the others try to clean up. The bus is trashed! At least Lola survived. (I found myself yelling, ‘don’t hurt Lola!’ at the TV…)

Meanwhile, back at on the ship with Vic and Ward… Vic gives Ward the opportunity to set things right. She asks him since he shot the wrong person, does he want to get it right this time. Ward points his gun and …

WTF! Ward shoots all BUT Garrett!!! Vic can’t be dead!!! And Ward… How could you do this??? As it was said so beautifully said in The Golden Child,
“You’re breaking my heart asswipe!”

There better be another twist dammit!!!

And now you know… DAMMIT!!!

The Fatal Siren


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