Batman VS Superman- Call It What It Is…

Batman vs Superman… At this point, why has it NOT been renamed JUSTICE LEAGUE??? I mean, it is moving so far away from what we all thought it was going to be… Don’t get me wrong, I have been waiting (rather impatiently I might add) for a Justice League movie, but if Zach Snyder’s plan is to trick people into believing it ISN’T a JL movie until an actual trailer comes out, he is failing…

Fans are questioning this even more now because a new addition has been added to the team. Cyborg will be making an appearance, played by Ray Fisher. While Fisher has not been in any bigs roles on the big screen, he has has sage acting experience. One role he was noticed for was portraying Muhammed Ali.

***Photo from DC Wiki site

So, 3 more characters and we have this:


I’m sticking to my guns until I see hard evidence that this is NOT a JLA movie.

Still impatiently waiting…

The Fatal Siren


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