Necroletric- A NEW Web Series to Check Out!

Day 2 at Wonder Con- I was walking around in my Black Widow costume and came across a booth for a new show.  It was described as a romantic paranormal web series.  That piqued my curiosity.  I mean, who doesn’t like romance and the paranormal?

I was immediately introduced to Eric Carpenter who plays Alaric.  He was so sweet and excited to talk about the show.  When I told him how interested I was in the show, an enormous smile filled his face.  It was refreshing to meet an actor that was truly excited to speak to people about his/her work.  That doesn’t happen very often…

I asked if I could get a photo with the cast and without hesitation, he agreed.  He grabbed his co-stars Zach Bostrom (Cas), Cole Shoemaker (Jax), and the lovely Chelsea Alden (Z).  How adorable is this cast!  The smiles alone will melt your heart. Okay…  Maybe adorable is the wrong word.  Handsome… Beautiful… Sexy…  Those all fit as well.  Come on, you have to agree with me…  Just look at them!


Zach Bostrom and Eric Carpenter

Now, although I didn’t get too much of the synopsis of the show, it is still something that I am going to check out and think you should as well.  We don’t have many shows like this out there and there should be.  The only type of shows out there now are the “real-life” paranormal shows, which come on…  They are cheesy as HELL!  The reenactments make you laugh…  At least they make me laugh.  And yes, we do have Supernatural, but it’s not just about the paranormal, nor does it have nearly enough romance in it.

The show will be airing sometime in the summer, so stay tuned!  I will be providing more details when the site updates AND more about the show after it airs.  For pics from the set and their sites, go to NECROLECTRIC.COM.

So remember:

  • Show Name: Necroletric
  • Show Time: Summer
  • Twitter: @Necrolectric
  • Facebook:

Actors and info:

  • Eric Carpenter- Alaric
  • Zach Bostrom- Cas
  • Cole Shoemaker- Jax
  • Chelsea Alden- Z

My tweet below has their info, so check them out!

Be sure to check out the trailer below!

Good luck everyone!  Here’s wishing you all the success in the world!  (And thanks for making my day!!!)


The Fatal Siren


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