Why Edgar Wright Won’t be Directing Ant Man…

For many of us, we got the shocking news that Edgar Wright, known for such awesome movies as Shawn of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, The World’s End (AKA: The Cornetto Trilogy!), and the fantastic Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, has stepped down as Director of Ant Man.  It was originally said that it was an amicable split due to differences in the vision of the film, but I had a very hard time believing this…  Wright had been working on this project since 2006 and I just couldn’t believe that he would just willingly, with a smile on his face, get up and leave something he was really looking forward to doing.

Well, sources are now saying that the studio was re-writing the script without Wright’s knowledge.  The photo Wright posted briefly of a sad Buster Keaton makes sense.


Yes, Buster Keaton is holding a Cornetto ice cream cone…

So why after so many years would Marvel have an issue with the script?  It just so surprising that after 8 years of having a specific idea and most of the script completed that they would do an overhaul so close to the release date (July 2015).  I mean, Wright’s style is very close to what the Ant Man comic was like, so he is a perfect fit to write and direct this film.  What isn’t surprising is that Marvel Studios has done this before.  Kenneth Branagh, Joe Johnston, and Patty Jenkins are all proof of “artistic” differences with the studio.   So maybe we shouldn’t be so shocked.

Adam McKay will be taking over for Wright on the Ant Manmovie, which may work well seeing as how the Anchormandirector has worked with Paul Rudd on multiple occasions.  But will McKay only be directing or will he have a say in what goes into the script?  And if McKay isn’t happy with something, will the studios get rid of him too?  only time will tell…

Although I am not pleased with this decision (as I really love Edgar Wright), Marvel’s quick decisions in getting rid of actors, directors, etc. has been working, so should we really question what they are doing?  Well, the Devil’s advocate inside me will always argue, but I will keep an open mind.  Let’s just hope that Marvel hasn’t made their first mistake.  I would hate for this to go wrong…



The Fatal Siren





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