Another Talented Artist Found at WonderCon- Gregery Miller


One of the many things I love about the CONs, besides the comics and cosplay, is walking down Artist Alley and finding new and interesting pieces of art.  Each row has something different, which honestly, can make it a bit difficult to get through.  One teensy light at the end of the tunnel though is that if you have been to many CONS like I have, you notice that there are a lot of returning artists.  That makes getting through Artist Alley faster.

On Saturday at Wonder Con, I was lucky enough to chat with an artist named Gregery Miller.  He is originally from Boston, but now calls San Fransisco his home.  Gregery has a vast amount of experience, which includes background artwork for Cartoon Network, t-shirt design for Nike, and even working for Hitpoint Games!

Gregery’s current project is the illustration for the comic Shiprock & Anchordog, which is a charming story about two dogs who set out on a quest to find food security.  I read the first comic and I have to say it is adorable; especially the illustration!  Gregery has made these characters come to life and readers of all ages will be able to enjoy it.  I may just have to send one of these to my cousin to read to her daughter.  I have to make sure she gets into comics at an early age.  Is 2 years old too early?

Here is some of his work from the comic:

How can you NOT want to read this!  Now, not all of his work is puppies and cotton candy (I was craving some when I wrote this…)

Looking at his portfolio proves that Gregery has a very diverse and creative imagination.  Just to give you an idea, I will show two of his pieces that show another side to his work.  The first one (and probably my favorite) is the The Great Escargot’s Beasts and Beings of Wonder!  The original, an 18×24″ piece, was done with graphite on paper and then digital.  Gregery created this piece for the “Get Your Freak On!” gallery show in Boston, MA, 2010.


The next piece is Spirit of Nostalgia, which was created this year. It is a 9×12″ that was made using watercolor, gouache, and ink and created for Helpful Bear Productions’ Creature Design Contest.


I am completely blown away with Gregery’s talent and am so happy I was given the opportunity to speak with him.  He is an amazingly talented man who LOVES what he does and that can easily be seen just by glancing at his work.

I have listed links to Gregery’s website and Facebook site below.  Send him a note; maybe buy something.  I know I will be buying something soon.  I have to make some tough decisions…  What to choose…
Gregery Miller-Facebook

To Gregery- Thanks for being so kind and sharing a bit of your story with the Black Canary.  It was truly a pleasure meeting with you and I cannot wait to see what the future has in store for you!


The Fatal Siren


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