Wonder Woman is Wearing What???

Alright, so it has been announced that Gal Gadot will NOT be wearing the “jacket and leggings” outfit that had been mentioned in the past.  Her Wonder Woman outfit will be more traditional, which means be prepared to see a little more skin.  She will be dawning a blue leather skirt, silver cuffs, and of course, her golden tiara.  It hasn’t been confirmed if the tiara will have the famous red star, but I think it’ll look good either way.  The top will be red, but not much has been leaked on the intricate design it will have. 

I think it sounds pretty cool, but since no photos of the concept have been released, I can’t say I “LOVE” it.  Also, I am not sure how Gal is going to look in it.  Don’t get me wrong, she is a beautiful girl who, I am sure, could wear a potato sack and still look amazing.  However, I have a very specific look in my head for Wonder Woman.  I am still having a hard time wrapping my head around Gadot playing this role. 

Wonder Woman was always my favorite because she was a strong woman.  A woman who wasn’t like those deathly skinny girls int he fashion magazines.  A woman who more girls should’ve wanted to be like.  But what we will see on the big screen will be these skinny, yet muscular, legs; a not so voluptuous body, chasing down the bad guys…  Again, she has an amazing body, but not the one I grew up knowing.  But as I have said in the past, I will keep an open mind.  Can’t judge something you can’t see…

I hope some photos, at least of the concept, will be released soon.  I don’t want too many spoilers, but a couple won’t hurt… Right?



The Fatal Siren


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