Another Talent- Andrew Kafoury

On my exciting journey down Artist’s Alley during WonderCon 2014, dressed as the Black Canary, I cam across a booth where a young and enthusiastic man sat.  He gave me a big smile and asked if I would like to hear about his new graphic novel.  That man was Andrew Kafoury.

How could I refuse, I thought to myself as I walked over.  I was immediately sucked into the art and picked up the graphic novel titled, “No’madd: City of Empty Towers“.  It is the first in a series of graphic novels written by Andrew.  While he didn’t give much away about the plot, he did say that it was like, “The Odyssey meets Star Wars.”  Now come one…  You CAN’T tell me that doesn’t pique your interest.

We talked for a while about many things, including how he won a basketball from one of his… favorite… all-time, worst movies and it was signed by the director.  Andrew, I still have yet to see it, but did ask some of my friends who had and they completely agreed with you!  I promise I will watch it soon and let you know what I think.

Although I have not read the entire graphic novel, the parts that I did sucked me right into the story.  It is very beautifully written and the illustrations are brilliant!  They really fit the story.  Here is the photo taken at WonderCon:

ImageI am trying to locate the pic of Andrew and I…  Andrew, if you have it, post it on my Facebook or Twitter page and I will upload it.  I really liked it!

Anyway, PLEASE check out his work and support an amazing mind!  Here is the information you need:

Good luck to Andrew, Kiel Parsons, Todd Herman, and Scott Roller.  Here’s wishing you all great success!!!


The Fatal Siren



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