SDCC 21014 Preview Night- Chaos Anyone?

I left work at noon to rush down and get my badge for Comic Con.  The line to get the badges wasn’t bad…  It was waiting for the exhibit hall to open that was tough…  A group of us were in the second row and when it was time to go in, chaos ensued…  Security had to scream consistently to not run, which people did NOT listen…  I walked briskly to the FUNKO booth, which was already at capacity.  BOO!!!  1 booth down, one to go.

I made my way to the Super7 Booth and waited in a very looooong line.  I found out later that this was caused by their credit card scanners not working.  It was so busy that they couldn’t troubleshoot, so they passed around a smartphone and manually typed in the credit card.  Ouch!  But not to fret- I got what I wanted…

Now, I have to say two things about the packaging:

  • What’s up with the girl’s face?
  • If it’s for ages 14+, then why are 6 year old kids playing with it???

Great thing about this is that it is an SDCC exclusive.  You CAN pre-order it online, but you won’t get the exact version you see here.  If you get it at Comic Con, it will likely be worth more.

I also picked up a few Alien eggs-

I wonder what’s in the mystery egg???

After I got my exclusives, a bunch of us wondered around, checking out other booths.  I found some AMAZING Dragonball Z and Bleach action figures.  I was sad I couldn’t buy the Bleach ones, but I did get the name of the guy in charge, so I’ll be able to get the scoop on when those are available.  Apparently, they are waiting for the final go ahead.

Not many costumes, but today will be a different story.

Well, off to get ready-  100 degrees today and I’ll be dressed as Black Widow-  Come say hi!


The Fatal Siren


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