Sleepy Hollow Makes an Appearance at SDCC!


Sleepy Hollow- Population 144,000.  Wait, make that 144,002.  Ichabod Crane and the Headless Horseman have arrived!  Hmm…  Maybe you wouldn’t add 1 to the population seeing as how the horseman is dead.  Conundrums…

This show is on my top favorite tv shows list and I have a feeling season two will be keeping it up there.  The cast works extremely well together and they even introduced John Noble!  If you don’t know who he is, go watch Fringe and you will see what I am talking about.

Saturday was the HOTTEST day and I decided to dress up in my Black Widow cosplay.  This was just great…  I am sitting there, sweating, praying that the cast will show up.  And finally, my prayers were answered.  Once again, there were no interviews, but we did get some great shots.  And one in particular where Tom Mison, (Ichabod Crane) is looking right into the camera with those beautiful baby blues!

Sleepy Hollow4

The Sleepy Hollow experience was a lot of fun.  They took a photo of you behind a green screen and then superimposed your face into a photo.  And what was the photo of you might ask?  Well, none other than your “severed” head with the Headless Horsemen!  AND, you got an adorable t-shirt with a cartoon Headless Horsemen!

Sleepy Hollow7

Sleepy Hollow3

Sleepy Hollow5

Sleepy Hollow9   Sleepy Hollow6

It’s almost time for season 2!  If you haven’t watched this, do it… NOW!  You still have time before the season premiere.

The Fatal Siren

Sleepy Hollow1


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