SDCC Press Coverage of Vertigo’s (DC Comics) Constantine

One again, San Diego Comic Con has given us a sneak peek of upcoming television shows and I am extremely intrigued to see what is to come from Constantine.  The show is based on the horror comic book series Hellblazer, published by Vertigo/DC Comics, which follows demon hunter/master of the dark arts, John Constantine.  Constantine, struggling with his dark past, which includes his soul being damned to Hell, decides to leave is no-good deeds behind and protect humanity from the supernatural beings that are unleashed.  A main factor that led him to this decision is when Liv, the daughter of an old friend, is targeted by demons.  We later find that she has the gift of second sight, which allows her to predict supernatural occurrences.  Hence the reason why she has been targeted.

Now don’t be fooled.  Just because they have the same name doesn’t mean the movie and the show will be exactly the same.  The producer took the high road and aid there was no right or wrong with the movie; “It’s just… different.”  Now trust me, I won’t be comparing the two.  I liked the movie (don’t judge me), but there were definitely holes in it.  I am hoping the show gives us all what we were missing.  The trailer leads me to believe we will be pleasantly surprised; however, we won’t really know until October 24th, which is when the pilot is scheduled to air.

SDCC gave us the opportunity to learn a bit more about the show and we got some AMAZING photos of the cast.  Please enjoy!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And for those of you who missed it, here is the trailer!


The Fatal Siren


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