Working on Some Cosplay…

No matter how hard I try, I still get behind on making stuff.  I am hoping to get my next cosplay done for Long Beach Comic Con, but since I decided to completely re-build my buster sword, I must say I do not believe it is in the cards.  Maybe for Comikaze?  Don’t hold your breath…

Here is what I have done so far for the sword:

  • Carved the blade out of styrofoam
  • Cut a hole for the handle to fit in to.
  • Covered the styrofoam and some of the handle in RONDO

Now, so far I have only done a few coats in the RONDO, but this is what it looks like start to semi-finish:



IMG_3709  IMG_3711

It looks rough right now because I haven’t sanded it yet.  That will be done once I get a few more coats of RONDO on.  I will also be making a tutorial as to how I actually made this.  If you want tips, or when I get the finished product done want one, shoot me an email.  We can discuss it.

I also just ordered some Worbla and another material that can really be helpful for other costumes.


Stay tuned!

The Fatal Siren


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