The Doctor is Back!

The Doctor is back and boy did it start off with a BANG!  Or should I say a Big Bang?  Ok…  That’s the closest thing I could think that was relatable to “bang” and dinosaurs… Did I not already mention there is a dinosaur?  a BIG ONE!

We were thrown into the first episode of the season with Clara stuck in Victorian London with  man she doesn’t know!  Well, she does know him, but recognizing him is a whole other story.  The Doctor has regenerated and now their friendship is in jeopardy.  He is completely different and speaking in riddles.  Some of the things he says makes her uneasy and she doesn’t know if the man she has been following is still in there or if he even cares as he used to.  Obviously the Doctor didn’t think to mention regeneration or what effects it can have on him.  Maybe he should write a manual and have companions read it prior to going off on an adventure.

In the end, the Doctor comes to his senses and saves the day with a little help from his friends.

Episode two throws the Doctor and Clara in to deep crap when they find a fleet of Daleks surrounding a lone ship!  The Doctor speaks to the captive Dalek on the humans have and things go crazy!  I won’t spoil anything as this episode takes you on many twists and turns and shows the true nature of the “new” Doctor.  In the end, the Doctor questions himself and asks Clara, “Am I a good man?”

Can’t wait to see what’s next!

The Fatal Siren


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