Dust: An Elysian Tale- Beginning Review

New game!!!  I am trying Dust: An Elysian Tale on my brand new PS4!  Since I have to wait for Dragon Age: Inquisition, I thought this would be a fun one to try.  And boy was I right.

Now, I want to start of with telling you that this game is kind of childish, but with adult situations.  When I say “adult”, I mean real life, not anything sexual… Keep your mind out of the gutter!

You wake up not knowing who you are or how you got to where you are.  A sword lies at your feet and suddenly starts to speak.  Then, an adorable winged creature nags you about the sword and how she needs it back.  The sword advises you that you must complete a mission, but the importance is irrelevant.  Of course it is…

Now the beginning of the tale is nothing new.  We have seen it in may games, but just like those, it works.  You don’t know who you are and what you have done in your past.  It’s kind of like a re-do, but in the end, you will have to face the music and learn of your short comings…

So far, I have only gotten to chapter 3.  You have the basic slash attach and what I like to call a wind tunnel.  Your little winged friend has abilities too and when you use the wind tunnel (It is actually called dust storm), the ability used can be combined with it.  That means crazy critical hits!

So far the game is good and filled with TONS of quests.  There is a lot to do thus far and let’s hope that continues when I get to the second half of the game.  I would recommend this game for times when you don’t want to do TONS of thinking and remembering crazy button patterns for fighting.  Overall score for the first half of the game….  8

The Fatal Siren


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