Necrolectric Podcast!

Hey everyone,

I had the pleasure to speaking with some of the cast AND the the writers/producer of Necrolectric, a paranormal web series that will be airing on YouTube 11/4/2014!  There were a lot of laughs and not very many spoilers, but overall, extremely entertaining.  I especially found it funny that one of the four I spoke with HATES scary movies.  And of course, I am the A-hole who likes to scare people like that, so we had a few laughs there.

If you are going to Comikaze this weekend, check out their panel on Saturday at 11am.  Episode 1 will be airing!  YAY!!!  And if you aren’t going but will be in the L.A. area, buy tickets.  Comikaze is a good way to spend your weekend.

See you there!

The Fatal Siren

Seriously YouTube… I am quite upset that you won’t let me change the pic for the podcast…  I look ridiculous!


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