Oh Vin Diesel, You Are Such a TEASE!!!

Does this mean what we all THINK it means?!?

This is the second “tease” (posted via FILM- click here for the story) Vin Diesel has made regarding the possibility of having a role in the film Inhumans. If he isn’t going to be in it, this is a very smart tactic to get Marvel to give him a part.  Reactions to the first tease on his Facebook page were huge and seeing as how you never actually saw him in Guardians of the Galaxy, Diesel could easily play a different role in a Marvel movie.

Not sure who the Inhumans are, well, here’s some info for you-

A million years ago, the Kree (Ronan’s [Guardians of the Galaxy] people) happened upon Earth and found that the Cro-Magnon had the potential to help them in two ways:  To ensure their own evolution and to create a new mutant race to defeat the Skrulls.  This experimentation lead to the creation of the Inhumans.  Although the experiments were a success, the Kree eventually stopped because a prophecy foretold that they would create a species that would eventually be the cause of their demise.

Their test subjects thrived in seclusion and created their own society.  They found and experimented with Terrigen Mist, which gave them powers, but also cause genetic damage.  That in turn led the Inhumans to use selective breeding to ensure their existence.

Members of the Inhumans include:

Black Bolt (Blackagar Boltagon): King of the Inhumans who has a hypersonic voice that is so destructive that he must keep silent.  Black Bolt has a fork-like antenna on his forehead that allows him to control his voice.

Medusa (Medusalith Amaquelin Boltagon): Black Bolt’s wife and Queen of the Inhumans who has prehensile hair.

Crystal (Crystalia Amaquelin Maximoff): Medusa’s sister who can manipulate earth, water, air, and fire.

Gorgon: Cousin of Medusa and Black Bolt who has bull-like legs that create shock waves.

Karnak: Cousin of Black Bolt who, although has not used the Terrigen Mist, has the ability to sense an opponent’s weak points.

Triton: Karnak’s fish-like brother.

Maximus Boltagon: He is the brother of Black Bolt who has the ability of mind-control and tries to overthrow Black Bolt from time to time.

The Unspoken: Cousin of Black Bolt whose power allows him to alter his body or shapeshift. Previous King of the Inhumans who was overthrown due to his power-hungry ways.  He is known as the Unspoken because Black Bolt decreed that he would be removed from all history books and no one should ever speak of him again.

There are other Inhumans, but one of the male characters listed could possibly be played by Vin Diesel.

My opinion?  I’m totally in!  Sign Vin Diesel!!!  Now, others say it should be no problem even though he was in GOTG because you never see his face…  But can we really say that?  I mean, come one…  They gave Groot his eyes, no?  (see pic below)  So, in a way, he did make it on the big screen in a Marvel movie.  (Tee Hee)

I am keeping my fingers crossed to see more of Vin Diesel!!!


The Fatal Siren

PS- Special thanks to all those who put the Inhumans Wiki page together!


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