Review – The Arcs

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How strong is your faith?

In the beginning, God created…  No, this is not some religious story that tries to get you change your point of view on religion.  Actually, it’s kind of far from it.  God, for reasons he/she felt were unnecessary to divulge, decided to step down from his throne, leaving seven Archangels in charge of protecting humanity from Lucifer and his demon army.  Centuries pass and still, no word from God.  Lucifer’s army is growing stronger and the Archangels’ forces are dwindling.  Although the Archangels continue to do his/her work, the question remains:  Will God ever return?

In Book 1, you find yourself quickly immersed in the battle between good and evil.  You see the everyday struggles of man and what the Angels do to save them.  And you see how much of a toll the loss of humanity takes on the Archangels; especially Azrael.  He has such a hard time letting go that eventually, you see error in his judgment.   Eventually, they are divided, which is exactly what Lucifer has been waiting for.The Arcs Chapter - Prologue (Revised) FINAL

Writer and creator, Michael Poisson has a way of sucking you into this cynical storyline.  So much so, that I had a hard time putting it down… I mean it…  I had to go back to workand I was about to ask my boss if I could extend my lunch.  The story and the writing is simple, yet has an immense amount of darkness and depth to it.  You care about the Archangels and their struggles to be perfect and do the Almighty’s will.

Illustrator Matt Jacobs brilliantly captures the essence of each character.  The Demons leave you feeling like you have to check your closet or under your bed to make sure you are alone.  The great story and illustrations will make your imagination to run wild!

Now, you may all be asking yourself, “Do I really want to read a graphic novel that is about Angels and Demons?”  The short answer is yes!  This is not something that is trying to turn you to the “light” side.  This is a gritty tale of good versus evil and the struggle to protect that which they hold so dear.

These characters feel like they will jump right out of the pages (Just like the A-HA video from the 80’s… seriously)!

With writer and creator, Michael Poisson’s creative depiction of characters and Matt Jacob’s ability to capture their personalities through art, you will surely enjoy this fantastical journey into the supernatural!

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