“Unfriended’ Cast Interviews at WonderCon


Place- WonderCon
Time- 2015

I start my convention as I always do… Walking around and stopping for pics with some Cool, fellow geeks.  My feet start to hurt and I suddenly realize that I have to do some interviews… In less than an hour!

No time to change??? Great… So what happens? I interview the cast of Unfriended as Black Widow. Which in the end turned out to be brilliant!  The cast actually liked it, which made for some fun conversations. Some of which is not on the YouTube link below. 

Check out the link below to see my interviews with the cast and the producer, Jason Blum. That man is a genius! He knows how to do suspense in a movie and he understands that you don’t need a lot of blood and gore to freak the crap out of people.

All my interviews are uploaded and hosted by the awesome FanBoy Nation. Check out their site and other interviews I’ve done at fanboynation.com. And if you are looking for a site that has things from comic reviews to MMA interviews, they have it all!



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