Avengers Photoshoot

It was opening night and what better way to enjoy the movie by cosplaying as our favorite characters!  Check out the amazing photos that Tom Oed took of us. We had such a good time meeting fans, drinking iced tea while the boy hung out at the Tilted Kilt (We caught up later), almost kicking Loki’s butt (this guy really thought he was Loki…), and chatting with some amazing kids.  Oh yeah- and CANDY! Don’t forget to follow all of us on all social media.  I have listed everything you need below. Cheers! The Fatal Siren

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Tom Oed- Photographer:

  • FACEBOOK: socalcosplayfoto
  • INSTAGRAM: @cosplayfoto

Rae Nicks- Cap:

  • FACEBOOK: Rae Niks
  • TWITTER: @Rae_Niks
  • INSTAGRAM: RaeNiks
  • TUMBLR: RaeNiks

Paul- Iron Man:

  • FACEBOOK: Paul Fierce
  • TWITTER: @PaulFierce
  • INSTAGRAM: PaulFierceCostumes

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