Courtenay Taylor Discusses Playing Kick-Ass Female Characters


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On Friday morning of San Diego Comic Con 2015 the streets were already filled to the brim with geeks, nerds and gawkers of all kinds. As the Popcorn Podcast crew navigated downtown San Diego we escaped into the lobby of the Omni Hotel, which was still relatively untouched by the throngs of people that were filling up the streets. As we were waiting for our next interview Kevin Smith emerged from his room (quite bleary eyed I might add) with Jason Mewes in tow. We caught him on the way to his car for a quick photo op then hurried back inside for our interview with the talented and beautiful Courtenay Taylor. If you are a gamer, Courtenay has probably voiced some of your favorite characters. With a resume that includes everyone from Ada Wong (Resident Evil 6) to Jack (Mass Effect). Please forgive the shaky camera work in the beginning, we had a very young intern at the camera.

Photography by Jamie LeDent


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