‘Gotham’ Interviews and Red Carpet


Originally posted on Fanboynation.com http://www.fanboynation.com/gotham-interviews-and-red-carpet/

It was the Saturday afternoon of San Diego Comic Con, past the midway point of this beast of a convention. So with sore feet and aching backs the Popcorn crew made their way into the air conditioned, media mecca, the Hilton Bayfront to interview the cast of Gotham. While waiting for the press room to be ready we were given a bit of a treat, rather than escaping out of the backdoor the cast of Arrow exited the front so we could all get a good look at Stephen Amell and marvel at the size of David Ramsey’s upper body.

It had been awhile since we had done round table interviews and I had forgotten just how much I enjoy them. No we don’t get to speak with the actors one on one per say, but it is a much more relaxed environment. The actors are brought over to your table to sit down and have a chat, get off the their feet for a minute and enjoy a cool drink of water. This tends to be a much better recipe for off the cuff stories and a legitimate joking around (just wait till you see the Misha Collins interview from the Supernatural panel). The highlight of the hour was getting  chance to speak with Robin Lord Taylor, and his enthusiasm and appreciation to be able to portray such an iconic character.



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