‘Supernatural’ Interviews and Red Carpet



Originally posted on Fanboynation.com http://www.fanboynation.com/supernatural-interviews-and-red-carpet/

Boy, did Comic Con end on a high note for me!  I got to cosplay AND I was able to meet the cast of one of my favorite shows,Supernatural! (Don’t be jealous, Chad.) We arrived pretty early because I wanted to make sure we had a good spot for the photo line AND I wanted to be sure that I chose the right table to sit at.  We had some issues with questions at the Gothamand Supergirl panels, so it was necessary for me to scope out the place and make sure the people at the table meshed well.  I found one instantly and everyone was really nice.  On top of that, these were people who actually watched the show and knew what they were talking about.

The reps had the whole process running smoothly, with some celebrities going to the photo line and the others to tables.  Misha Collins, aka, Castiel, was immediately seated with us and he started asking about my costume.  He told me he liked it, saying  “Looks itchy, but nice.”  I kept it professional but deep down I was squealing like a teenager who just got to meet One Direction.  (It’s the only way I can describe the inner happiness I was feeling).  They kept interviews down to 4 minutes for each table and although I was sad to see Misha go, I smiled once more as none other than Crowley (Mark Sheppard), the King of Hell, graced us with his presence.  Now, I want to make something clear because I don’t think people knew this going into the interview with Mark.  He is extremely sarcastic with a very dry sense of humor.  I could tell by their faces that the other interviewers did not quite get that.  When you watch the interview, you’ll see that he is having a good time playing with everyone.  I found it hilarious and I think you will too.

Next to our table was Jeremy Carver, writer and producer of the show.  He gave us some spoilers, which I think you will enjoy.  But don’t worry, it’s nothing that will ruin the next season.  And of course our last two interviews were with the Winchester boys, Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles!!!  They had to be the nicest guys I have ever met.  I am not going to waste time typing up what they said.  The videos speak for themselves.

Photography by Jamie LeDent 


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