Finally, the Outlander Wedding!

[WARNING!!! The following contains SPOILERS,

so continue at your own risk.]

Outlander Starz Poster - P 2014

This Saturday, fans of the hit show (and book) Outlander finally got what they have been waiting for: The wedding (AND the wedding night)!

Now, some of you who have NOT read the book (and if you are one of them, go out and get it now) might be wondering how she could she marry Jamie when she is still planning to return home? If you remember at the end of the last episode, Dougal advised Claire that the only way she would not have to return to the dreadful Captain Jack Randall, is if she were Scottish. So, the only thing she could do was marry a Scot. Her initial reaction was horror, thinking she had to marry Dougal. However, he, in typical Scottish fashion, made a quick joke and advised she would be betrothed to Jamie.

Fast forward to this Saturday’s episode. It starts off with a, for lack of a better word, flashback, showing Claire and Frank’s impulsive wedding. You are then taken to Jamie and Claire’s spur-of-the-moment wedding.

Most of the pre-wedding and wedding is shown through flashbacks, which worked quite well. When we first see Jamie and Claire after the wedding, they are both quite nervous, so they drink and share stories. One key conversation was why Jamie agreed to marry Claire. With a flashback, we find that Dougal used the threat of Black Jack Randall and how he could hurt Claire to easily persuade him. Jamie agrees, but has 3 stipulations.

  • He wears his family tartan colors (which could be quite dangerous for him to do)
  • Get married in a church (he wants it to be a proper wedding- how sweet!)
  • To have her wedding ring made from a key he has

Now, even though Jamie says all this, you are painfully aware that the real reason his that he loves her. I guess there is such a thing as love at first sight. (No, wait… this is still a tv show…)

Claire has finally become more at ease around Jamie and you think that the romance will begin, but that moment is short-lived when she loses her nerve and starts asking more questions about his family. He tells the stories as a true Scotsman would but you don’t get the full gist of it. This episode leaves A LOT out and many who only watch the show will feel lost. Now, if you want to know what was said in detail, you can CHEAT and go to Chapter 15- Revelations of the Bridal Chamber (although, if you want the wedding bits too, start at chapter 14). I HIGHLY RECOMMEND reading the book in its entirety, but that’s just my opinion.

After an interruption and awkward silence, we finally see the first time the two are “together.” Claire breaks says it is late and they should go to bed. Jamie eyes her, trying to figure out what that statement truly means. She doesn’t elaborate, but the look on her face tells him exactly what he needs to know. She needs help undressing and he hesitates. As it has been said, he is a virgin, so a lot of this is new to him. She comments that he should start with the skirt and turns her back to him. Jamie’s facial expressions had me giggling during this time because he had no clue what to do. But don’t worry ladies… He is a quick learner!

My words cannot describe this next part, so I will let you watch their first “interaction” together. I will say this, you’ll giggle AND you’ll blush…

“I said I was a virgin, not a monk.”

Remember when I said Jamie was a quick learner, well, that’s not all he’s quick at. But remember, this is his first time. He is obviously tickled pink at what just happened, but he unknowingly left poor Claire high and dry… He asks if she enjoyed it and she hesitates. He has his answer. But then, she does say that she did enjoy it.

The show continues with the two of them conversing; really getting to know each other. You can see the chemistry between the two of them and you really feel like they are meant to be together. It truly is the beginning of a beautiful relationship, although done a bit backwards.

All of this getting to know one another could only lead to one thing. You guessed it! Claire asks Jamie to take his shirt off so that she may have a look at him. He does so and she takes the opportunity to slowly walk around him, taking in every inch of his body. I would like to add that he has a very nice tush. Then it’s Claire’s turn. Jamie now has his opportunity to study her body and he was not disappointed.


Claire obviously enjoyed this round because she let out a scream! Poor Jamie, thinking he hurt her asks if she is all right. You done good boy!

When they finished, Jamie has this adorable grin on his face and falls asleep. Typical… Claire goes downstairs and runs into Dougal, who at first you think will finally be a gentleman, well, as much as a Scotsman can be. But NOOOOOO, he had to be an asshole and make advances towards Claire. Pig…

Anyhoo, Claire returns to the room and sits facing away from the sleeping Jamie. He awakes and grabs something from his sporran. He presents Claire with his mother’s pearls, which he tells her are very precious to him. And guess what that leads to… ROUND 3!

Morning arrives and the two converse as if they had known and been married to each other for some time.  Everything seems so natural to the two of them.  Jamie tells Claire to hurry before all the food is gone and leaves the room.  She picks her gown up off the floor and shakes it out.  Her wedding ring (from her marriage to Frank) falls out and rolls across the floor and into a crack in the floor.  She picks it up, puts it on her finger and cannot believe she forgot what her true plans were…  To find a way home to Frank.  But is that still what she wants?

In the end, I think they did a fabulous job at taking such an important part of the book (and not because of the sexy time…) and bringing it to the viewers. Then again, Diana Gabaldon did an amazing job of capturing that moment in the first place. I find that I am usually disappointed when books are turned into movies or television shows, but this one has had me hooked since the beginning of episode 1!

Read the book. Watch the show. Even if you are a “manly” man, you can and WILL enjoy this. It has something for everyone. And if you take my advice, I want to hear what you think.


The Fatal Siren


2 thoughts on “Finally, the Outlander Wedding!

  1. I have to say I forgot to watch this in August, and you reminded me by your post. I went to starz and found all 8 shows, I am now at the part where they got married. I am not one to watch TV series, but I am now hooked. Thanks Fatal Siren

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